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September 2019 November 2019
9th September 2019 winter term starts 10th November 2019 show rehearsals
13th-15th September 2019 office closed 15th November 2019 show rehearsals
20th September 2019 competition squad GF class 16th November 2019 SHOW DAY
22th September 2019 show rehearsals December 2019
27th September 2019 competition squad GF class 8th December 2019 end of winter term
29th September 2019 show rehearsals 11th December 2019 competition squad exam rehearsals
October 2019 15th December 2019 ISTD dance exams (comp squad only)
4th October 2019 competition class GF class
6th October 2019 Grand Finals ISTD Competition
7th October 2019 no dance classes
7th October 2019 competition squad dinner
13th October 2019 show rehearsals
20th October 2019 show rehearsals
28th October ā€“ 3rd November half term holidays
30th October 2019 competition squad workshop day

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